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The Choleric Personality Type: Definition & Features

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The Choleric Personality Type: Definition & Featurescholericcholeric

What does choleric mean?

Choleric temperament has a lot of energy. If this person has a goal, he immediately does everything in order to achieve it and stopping him is almost impossible. While melancholic thinks of a plan of action, sanguine talks about it, choleric achieves his goal and looks for new challenges.

The choleric child

The choleric child

The choleric childThe mother of the choleric child becomes the first “victim”. The baby can spend hours crying, being capricious and angry until he gets the desired. Choleric people have an innate need in a dominant position, sooner or later they usually take a commanding position, in rare cases, they become dictators and tyrants at home. The child refuses to obey his parents and wants to play on his terms. But a little choleric is joyful and lively, receiving presents with pleasure, loving with all his heart, with a loud laugh and sparkling eyes. The whole family keeps an eye on him since the baby releases energy and joy.

Choleric at work

People have innate leadership qualities. They clearly see the goal and strive to be the first in all situations. This set of characteristics allows choleric people become good leaders. Leadership qualities that almost all people of this personality type have:

  • Goal setting and the ability to describe objectives.
  • Sincere and emotional manner of communication.
  • The ability to adapt to new situations quickly.
  • The ability to motivate others and control their actions.
  • The tendency to manipulate people.

Many world politicians are choleric but in order to achieve success, choleric need to control energy. Despite excellent strategic abilities, such people often lack tact.

In critical situations, people of this temperament take responsibility and others tend to follow them even if they understand that the way will be difficult. The personality type is not familiar with compromise and doubt. Unpleasant qualities of this temperament:

  • Excessive self-confidence.
  • Increased self-esteem.
  • Rejection of people’s opinion.
  • High demands.

Over time and with experience, a person learns to control his emotions and feelings and becomes a charismatic and authoritative leader.

The choleric character

It’s almost impossible to imagine a sad or indifferent choleric. These people always know what they want and move toward their goals. If you see that a customer in a store asks questions and even corrects the replies then he is probably a bright representative of choleric temperament. Such people are not aware of peace.

Such people do not accept injustice so they are actively involved in charities, rescue, protect animals and birds, attend meetings and picket government offices. Any field of battle is the best environment for this personality type, a person belongs to such places and can spend some energy.

The speed of reactions is the highest, so they do not understand how others can understand the essence of the problem so long and take no action. He himself does everything in order to achieve his goal. Only choleric reaches the top because others are not able to go through stress. He is quite sure that he could operate as efficiently as possible if no one stops him. But for promotion it is not sufficient to see the goal, it is necessary to foresee obstacles and cooperate with others. This type of person should understand that it is necessary to consider not only his wishes and possibilities but others as well.be the first

be the first

Working with other people, a choleric person distributes duties but no one in a team has any chance to be at the top since he performs the most crucial part of work. Obstacles do not stop such people. Representatives of other temperament types behave under such conditions quite different: a balanced sanguine does not want to perform an impossible task, a phlegmatic does not want to solve it and a melancholic tries to get rid of difficulties.

Sanguine and melancholic personality types usually have friends, while the sanguine person needs an audience, the melancholic looks for support. Choleric temperament does not need anybody – a person is busy: he looks for goal and means for achievement. He does not depend on the opinion of others and does not need understanding and support. He is ready to work in a team only if he can be the first.

How to coexist with choleric

Not everyone is able to bear the explosive and tyrannical choleric. But knowing the peculiarities of his character, one can get along with this personality type.

  • They are active plus straightforward and persistent.
  • People with this temperament can not control their feelings, they are impatient, hot-tempered and unrestrained. But their goals and interests are not changed for a long period of time until their task is completed.
  • Typical choleric people are extroverts.
  • They tend to make a decision on their own.
  • They are optimistic, confident, brave and resolute.How to coexist with cholericHow to coexist with choleric

Negative qualities exist because of their fast mental reactions.

  • Do not forgive people’s weaknesses.
  • They can not empathize.
  • The can not bear tears.
  • They do not pay attention to details in relationships.
  • Irritable especially if someone hesitates.

However, choleric people possess the qualities that make a partnership with them favorable. For example, they do everything on their own, do not change their decisions and are not afraid of obstacles. When dealing with choleric, it should be remembered that people of this temperament never forgive offenses and are vindictive.

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