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List of Phobias: Irrational Fears from A to Z

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List of Phobias: Irrational Fears from A to ZList of PhobiasList of Phobias

A phobia is an irrational fear which gets worse in certain situations, and very often it is hard to find any logical explanation of it. A person with a phobia fears and tries to avoid certain objects, activities or situations. Any phobia can be cured when it manifests itself, but if it remains untreated it may lead to severe complications. In this article we’ve published the ultimate list of phobias, so if you think you might have one you’d better get help as soon as possible.


Today more than 300 types of phobias are recorded and described by specialists. There are several ways to classify phobic disorders according to certain features.

  1. The first group includes the fear of spaces. The most known phobias of this type are claustrophobia (the fear of closed space) and its opposite type – agoraphobia (the fear of open spaces). Miners who survived the collapse, submariners after the accident, ordinary people after such situations often develop claustrophobia.
  2. The second group includes social phobias. These types of fear are associated with social life: the fear of speaking in public, the fear of blushing in the presence of others. Here is also the fear of “losing” a loved one.
  3. The third group includes nosophobia or the fear of becoming ill, which is especially noticeable during the epidemic period.
  4. The fourth group consists of thanatophobia or the fear of death.
  5. The fifth group includes the fear of sex and everything related to it, such as the fear of sexual intercourse, common among women, a syndrome of vaginismus usually accompanies it.
  6. The sixth group includes the fear of harm to oneself or loved ones.
  7. This includes «contrast» phobias (for instance, the fear of a well-bred person doing something wrong in public).
  8. The last group consists of phobophobia, the fear of phobias.

The simplest list of phobias includes several major types (according to age):

  • children – the most wide-spread are social phobias;
  • teenagers – the fear of spaces, thanatophobia, nosophobia, young men often have fear of building close relationships with women;
  • parents – they fear that something bad will happen to their children.

In order to determine the phobic disorder in patients psychiatrists use Zung Self-rating Anxiety Scale.
So, let’s get acquainted with a list of phobias below…

Young woman, suffering from a phobia

Young woman, suffering from a phobia

List of phobias


  • ablutophobia — the fear of washing, cleaning and bathing
  • acarophobia — the fear of ticks
  • acrophobia — the fear of heights
  • acousticophobia (phonophobia) — the fear of noises and loud sounds
  • achluophobia (nyctophobia) — the fear of the dark
  • acidophobia — the fear of being caught in an acidic environment or being exposed to acid
  • aeroacrophobia — the fear of high open spaces
  • aeronausiphobia — the fear of airsickness
  • aerophobia or aviophobia — the fear of flying
  • afrophobia — the fear of Africans, their culture, etc.
  • agoraphobia — the fear of open spaces, overcrowded streets, and squares
  • agraphobia(contreltophobia) — the fear of sexual abuse
  • agrizoophobia — the fear of wild animals
  • agyrophobia (dromophobia) — the fear of street or crossing roads
  • aibohphobia — the fear of palindromes
  • ailurophobia — the fear of cats
  • aichmophobia — the fear of sharp things
  • algophobia — the fear of pain
  • alektorophobia — the fear of roosters
  • alliumphobia — the fear of garlic
  • allodoxaphobia — the fear of opposite opinions
  • albuminurophobia — the fear of kidney diseases
  • amatophobia — the fear of dust
  • amaxophobia (motophobia, ochophobia) — the fear of vehicles (cars, motorcycles)
  • ambulophobia — the fear of body movement
  • ameriphobia — the fear of American people and their culture, etc.
  • amychophobia — the fear of scratches or being scratched
  • amnesiophobia — the fear of amnesia
  • anamblepophobia — the fear of looking up
  • androphobia — the fear of men
  • anemophobia — the fear of wind
  • anglophobia — the fear of England, its culture, and English people
  • angrophobia — the fear of anger and being angry
  • ankylophobia — the fear of immobile joints
  • anthlophobia — the fear of floods
  • anthophobia — the fear of flowers
  • anthropophobia — the fear of people and companies, a form of social phobia
  • anuptaphobia — the fear of being single
  • apeirophobia — the fear of infinity
  • aphephobia — the fear of being touched
  • apiphobia — the fear of bees and wasps; a common form of zoophobia
  • apotemnophobia — the fear of amputations
  • arachibutyrophobia — the fear of peanut butter including the fear of sticking to the roof of the mouth
  • arachnophobia — the fear of spiders; a common form of zoophobia
  • argyrophobia — the fear of silver and silver things
  • arsonophobia — the fear of fire
  • asiaphobia — the fear of Asians
  • assymetriphobia — the fear of asymmetrical items
  • asthenophobia — the fear of being weak
  • astrophobia — the fear of the starry sky
  • ataxiophobia — the fear of ataxia
  • ataxophobia — the fear of mess
  • atelophobia — the fear of being imperfect
  • atephobia — the fear of destruction
  • atychiphobia — the fear of making mistakes or failure
  • atomosophobia — the fear of nuclear energy and nuclear war
  • aquaphobia (hydrophobia) — the fear of water or drowning
  • aulophobia — the fear of wind instruments
  • aurophobia — the fear of gold
  • australiaphobia — the fear of Australia, its culture, and Australian people
  • autismophobia — the fear of autism (as well as Asperger’s and Tourette’s syndromes)
  • autodysomophobia — one fears that he has body odor
  • automysophobia — the fear of being dirty
  • autophobia — the fear of oneself
  • auroraphobia — the fear of Northern lights

An agoraphobic man

An agoraphobic man


  • bathophobia — the fear of depth
  • belonephobia — the fear of needles
  • bibliophobia — the fear of books
  • brontophobia — the fear of thunder and lighting


  • chemophobia — the fear of chemistry and chemicals
  • chiroptophobia — the fear of bats
  • chronophobia — the fear of time
  • cynophobia — the fear of dogs
  • cancerophobia — the fear of developing cancer or tumor
  • claustrophobia — the fear of closed spaces
  • coulrophobia — the fear of clowns


  • decidophobia — the fear of making decisions
  • demophobia — the fear of crowds
  • dentophobia — the fear of dentists and treating teeth
  • dendrophobia — the fear of trees
  • dromophobia — the fear of streets or crossing roads
  • dysmorphobia — the fear of physical defects in one’s appearance


  • emetophobia— the fear of vomiting and nausea
  • entomophobia — the fear of insects
  • eremophobia — the fear of solitude
  • ereuthrophobia — the fear of blushing in public
  • ergasiophobia — the fear of operating (surgeons may have it)
  • ergophobia— the fear of working and performing any action
  • erotophobia — the fear of sex or questions about sex
  • ephebiphobia — the fear of adolescents


  • felinophobia — the fear of cats


  • gelotophobia — the fear of being laughed at
  • genophobia — the fear of sex and social interactions
  • germophobia — the fear of germs
  • gephyrophobia — the fear of bridges
  • glossophobia — the fear of public speaking
  • gnosiophobia — the fear of knowledge or new information
  • gymnophobia — the fear of naked body
  • gynephobia — the fear of women


  • hagiophobia — the fear of saints or holy places and items
  • halitophobia — the fear of bad breath
  • hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia — the fear of the number 666
  • heliophobia — the fear of Sun and sunlight
  • hemophobia (hematophobia, hemaphobia) — the fear of blood
  • herpetophobia — the fear of reptiles, snakes; a common form of zoophobia
  • heterophobia — the fear of opposite sex
  • hippophobia — the fear of horses
  • homophobia — the fear of homosexuality
  • hoplophobia — the fear of weapons
  • hylophobia — the fear of trees
  • hydrophobia — the fear of water, moisture, liquids
  • hylophobia — the fear of woods and being lost there
  • hypengyophobia — the fear of being responsible for anything


  • iatrophobia — the fear of doctors and visiting them
  • insectophobia — the fear of insects; a common form of zoophobia


  • katagelophobia — the fear of being laughed at
  • keraunophobia — the fear of lighting
  • kleptophobia— the fear of stealing or being robbed


  • logophobia — the fear of speaking in public or talking to unfamiliar people


  • megalophobia — the fear of big (large, giant) items/objects
  • microphobia — the fear of small items
  • mysophobia (germophobia) — the fear of catching infectious diseases, touching different objects because there are a lot of germs
  • myrmecophobia — the fear of ants


  • necrophobia — the fear of corpses and funeral items
  • neophobia — the fear of something new and changes
  • nomophobia — the fear of staying without a mobile phone
  • nosophobia — the fear of becoming sick
  • nosocomephobia — the fear of hospitals
  • nyctophobia — the fear of darkness and night

A girl fears darkness

A girl fears darkness


  • oikophobia — the fear of home and returning home
  • ophidiophobia — the fear of snakes
  • ornithophobia — the fear of birds and their feathers
  • osmophobia — the fear of body smells


  • panophobia — the fear of everything or constant inexplicable fear
  • paruresis — the fear of urinating in public
  • pediophobia — the fear of toys
  • pedophobia — the fear of children or anything that looks like a child
  • phagophobia — the fear of swallowing
  • pharmacophobia — the fear of treatment or taking medications
  • philophobia — the fear of falling in love
  • phobophobia — the fear of phobias, the occurrence of symptoms, the fear of experiencing fear
  • policiophobia — the fear of policemen
  • pnigophobia — the fear of suffocation
  • pyrophobia — the fear of fire


  • radiophobia — the fear of radiation
  • ranidaphobia — the fear of frogs
  • rejectophobia — the fear of rejection
  • rhabdophobia — the fear of magic
  • rupophobia — the fear of dirt


  • selachophobia — the fear of sharks
  • selenophobia — the fear of the moon
  • scelerophobia — the fear of bad people
  • scoleciphobia — the fear of worms and insects
  • scopophobia — the fear of being watched
  • social phobia — the fear of society, communication, awkward behavior, judgments of others
  • somniphobia — the fear of sleeping
  • spectrophobia — 1) the fear of ghosts; 2) the fear of reflections


  • taphophobia — the fear of being buried alive or funerals
  • tetraphobia — the fear of the number 4
  • telephonophobia — the fear of phones, waiting for a call
  • thanatophobia — the fear of death
  • tocophobia — the fear of pregnancy or childbirth
  • tonitrophobia — the fear of thunder
  • traumaphobia — the fear of being injured
  • triskaidekaphobia — the fear of number 13
  • trichophobia — the fear of falling hair into food, on clothes, on the body
  • trypanophobia — the fear of needles and medical procedures involving injections
  • trypophobia — the fear of clustered holes


  • verminophobia — the fear of bacteria and microbes
  • virginitiphobia — the fear of rape


  • xenophobia — the fear or hatred towards anything alien, strange, unfamiliar


  • zoophobia — the fear of animals

We should mention that if you experience symptoms of a certain phobia from this list it indicates you might have one. In this case you should consult a doctor in order to start treatment if necessary. Phobias may take severe forms and turn one’s life upside down.

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