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How To Get Happy In 5 Minutes

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How To Get Happy In 5 Minutesget happy in 5 minutes

The rapid pace of today’s society can make even the happiest person in the world feel stressed and anxious because so many factors may affect our mental state and make our mood worse in just a few minutes. Have you ever noticed that when you hear or read the bad news you start feeling a growing sense of unease and fear? And in a view of the fact that we are constantly impacted by  the media coverage, which bombard us with the endless stream of bad and very bad news every day, that leaves us with a permanent low-feeling of disquiet and even depression. Unfortunately, stress and disappointment will always be in our life. Therefore, we should figure out how to counteract the negative effects because it’s up to us to be happy or not!

What Is Happiness?

You can hardly hear the unequivocal answer to this question about happiness because people have debated this rather philosophical question over the centuries and still haven’t reached a common position regarding it. Happiness is a very specific concept. Moreover, everyone should realize that happiness is an ongoing pursuit of meaning, purpose and fulfillment. And as a human being, you, like so many other people, tend to make things much more complex and finding happiness is no exception! But the main thing everyone should always keep in mind is that only you can make yourself happy.

Well, now ask yourself: When do I feel happy or How can I make myself feel happy? Don’t ignore these questions! You should necessarily determine the responses to them because no one can know what makes you happy, just only you do!get happy in 5 minutes - a smile in the sky

What Can You Do To Be Happy In 5 Minutes?

When you identify what happiness means to you, it`ll be easy for you to get over depression and anxiety because you’ll realize what you need to do in order to feel better. But even if you haven`t determined yet, don`t panic! Here are 3 effective ways you can practice to lift your mood, reduce stress and have a positive impact on your mental and physical health as a whole. Never forget that happiness requires constant practice!

header 1 Think About What You Are Grateful For

Sometimes we spend too much time every day thinking about something negative and such things make us dwell on anxious and fearful thoughts! It doesn’t seem right! If you want to get happy, first of all, you should think positively. Generally, we all associate gratitude with positive emotions and feelings. Why not take advantage of that? Well, if you try to think about what you are grateful for, such thoughts will send waves of good feelings throughout your body. It also helps to replace negative emotions and thoughts such as worry with positive emotions of optimism, love and gratitude. Thus, one of the quickest and easiest ways to be happy is to practice gratitude!

header 2 Change Your News Media

Films, books, video games, music, TV and, of course, surfing the Net have a profound impact on us mentally as well as emotionally. If you feel unhappy, you have to stop watching or reading too much depressing media products immediately and try to choose mainly happy stuff to read, light-hearted TV shows and films to watch and just beautiful music to listen to! In the case, when you can`t live without media, you should make positive choices to feel better!get happy in 5 minutes - a pointer

header 3 Help A Different Person To Feel Good

Doing good for others is also a cool way that can help you boost your spirits. You interact with a lot of different people every day, so it’s not so difficult to find a person who needs your help. It doesn’t really matter what actions you do – verbal or active – the main thing is that you do someone the act of kindness or a small favor. For example, you can give some great 2 year anniversary gift ideas to your co-worker or help a clerk in a supermarket to open the door and so on. Actions like these ones when you help people sincerely affect you positively and, by the way, make you lighter and happier as well.

Final Words

Remember, your mental and physical health depends just on you and how happy you think you are also depends on you. Never focus on your problems and never say “Oh, I’m so unhappy!” Instead, try to find a solution to your own happiness by using one of the given above methods that can really help shift your mood in 5 minutes!

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