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Depression » Fatigue – Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment

Fatigue – Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment

No doubt, many people experience the unpleasant feeling of fatigue. Often it is associated with serious physical or mental strain, but you feel better after having some rest. It is important to note that today this state often occurs after hard working, taking exams, as well as gardening or cleaning your own home. In such cases, almost everyone can easily define at what point he notices the signs of fatigue and why they appear.

Often, many people suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome are not able to say exactly when it appeared and are not able to say why they experience fatigue.

So, what is chronic fatigue syndrome? First of all, let’s learn about chronic fatigue syndrome causes and symptoms.

What causes chronic fatigue syndrome?

Even doctors can not give the clear answer to this question, as today it is being studied. In some cases, a serious infectious factor can play an important role. Typically, herpes infection, Epstein-Barr virus, cytomegalovirus and coxsackie virus and other dangerous diseases can be found in many patients.

fatigue - chronic fatigue syndrome

Experts suggest that chronic fatigue syndrome develops as a result of long-term stimulation of the immune cells by infectious antigens. High temperature, various muscle pain, and malaise are associated with cytokines that produced by a human body in order to fight infections.

In other cases, chronic fatigue syndrome is directly related to specific violations in the work of the limbic system of the CNS. It is proved that it is associated with the emotional sphere, memory, correct circadian cycle of sleep and wakefulness, and vegetative regulation of internal organs. These functions suffer in many patients diagnosed with it.

Today, chronic fatigue syndrome can often occur at a fairly young age, like ordinary men and women. The fair sex is diagnosed with this disease more often. It is important to note that this disease affects responsible, active and prosperous people who work hard. At constant overstrain the human nervous system can fail and breakdown takes place.

Chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms

This serious disease usually starts with one of the infectious diseases, often even with the common cold. Typically, after an acute phase of infection for at least two weeks fatigue, headaches, depressive mood occur. But chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms may not take place, even after 3-5 months. And only then the patient sees certain doctors.

fatigue - Chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms

When a person suffers from sleeping problems, he usually goes to the neurologist. When there is eczema – you should see the dermatologist. And if diarrhea occurs – you should see the gastroenterologist. But if there is chronic fatigue syndrome, the treatment gives no results, or there is short-term improvement in the condition as the true cause of the disease remains unnoticed.

The major symptoms of this syndrome are constant fatigue, which does not go away even after a long sleep or a few days of rest, often not only sleepiness occurs in many patients, but also insomnia. Often there are serious violations of health. Patients are not able to concentrate. Changes in emotional state are noticeable. The doctor diagnoses depression, apathy, hypochondria, serious phobia.

In some cases, low or high body temperature takes place for a long period of time. Such violations should be treated, otherwise, they lead to serious complications. Many patients complain about weight loss up to 22,05 lb per month. Severe headaches, dizziness, photophobia, pharyngitis, dry eye, tachycardia are possible and women also suffer from premenstrual syndrome.

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Chronic Fatigue Diagnosis

Modern diagnostics is usually made on the basis of certain criteria. These include fatigue lasting for more than six months, decreased daily activity, sleeping problems after long-lasting rest. And the most important thing is the absence of somatic, infectious, psychiatric diseases, tumors and endocrine disorders.

fatigue muscle pain

Minor criteria include pharyngitis, the high temperature of the human body, but not more than 38 C, tender lymph nodes and muscle pain, inability to perform physical activity, headaches, and general muscle weakness. Then it is necessary to mention the pain in joints, which is not accompanied by edema, memory problems, apathy, depression, and photophobia.

Such a dangerous chronic fatigue syndrome takes place when at least three major and six minor criteria are observed. Later on initial symptoms of developing oncology, infectious, physical, psychiatric, or endocrine disease will be excluded. Patients should be thoroughly examined by such doctors, as a therapist, endocrinologist, and neurologist. Blood tests are conducted and the conditions of all internal organs and systems are examined.

Chronic Fatigue Treatment

The very first step in the proper treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome is the reduction of cognitive load. It is necessary to reduce the total number of performed tasks about 20%per day.  It is also desirable to get rid of such duties, which provoke stress. Some patients are recommended psychotherapy, as well as relation training.

Each patient must understand how serious to decide to stop treating chronic fatigue syndrome. Modern rational psychotherapy is mainly aimed at the fast normalization of the total psycho-emotional condition of the patient. Learning the methods of objective self-assessment allows evaluating overload and controlling the amount of body rest.

fatigue Chronic Fatigue Treatment

Psychotherapy provides developing of specific patient’s ability to deal effectively with stress and, if necessary, to remove any tension for a short period of time. Also, it is important to keep the regime of work and rest.

All patients need specific health-restoring treatment. This includes the sufficient amount of fresh air, walking, sensation showers and moderate-intensity physical activity. In addition, to treatment program, a special set of relaxing exercise must be included. Subsequently, the intensity can be increased if the patient’s condition allows.

All patients with chronic fatigue syndrome are recommended positive emotions and walking. At the same time, jogging or swimming is advisable, as well as some simple breathing exercises and aromatherapy. In the treatment of this disease modern drugs of plant origin are recommended. They not only enhance the body’s resistance to many stress factors but also have a strengthening effect on the immune system.

Right and healthy diet at the same time includes regular consumption of foods that are rich in trace elements and certain vitamins. Doctors recommend drinking a large amount of water every day, but you should avoid coffee, strong tea, and alcohol. Patients should not consume sweets, in order not to trigger high blood glucose, as low blood sugar leads to fatigue.

Chronic fatigue syndrome is not dangerous for a person’s life, so after treatment it always ends in recovery. Such a recovery of the body can be characterized by good mood and good sleep. However, the disease in some patients reoccurs after various infectious diseases or severe stress.

Chronic Fatigue Prevention

Adequate physical activity, healthy food, sustainable mental health, objective self-assessment and a schedule will help to avoid the development of chronic fatigue syndrome. You need to avoid any work in any stressful environment and do not overwork. When you can’t avoid overload, it is required some rest for a few days.

Emotional people are recommended to have breaks every half hour. If you use your brain at work you should do some exercises during breaks. Monotonous work requires some pause to switch attention to something else. Do not forget that industrial noise causes fatigue. Try to minimize the impact of this extremely harmful factor. A change of environment and new experiences are helpful if you want to be healthy and able to work.