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Depression » Common Introvert Personality Traits. 15 Signs That You Are an Introvert

Common Introvert Personality Traits. 15 Signs That You Are an Introvert

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Common Introvert Personality Traits. 15 Signs That You Are an Introvertintrovert personality traits. girl introvertintrovert personality traits. girl introvert

Each person is unique. However, modern psychology divides people into several types. There are several gradations. Two of them are particularly popular: temperament (sanguine, phlegmatic, choleric, and melancholic) and character – introvert and extrovert. It is necessary to clearly understand that one classification differs from the other. Temperament is given to a person from birth. You cannot change it. You can only guide it in the right direction. The character is developed for years. Thus, a person becomes an introvert or extrovert due to certain developmental peculiarities. So, what are the introvert personality traits?

Introvert Personality Traits and Characteristic Features

Many of us know that all people are divided into several types based on their psychological characteristics. Such classifications are based on a number of features:

  • perception of information from the environment;
  • the speed and strength of psychological reactions;
  • psychological energy.

Although each individual is unique, all these characteristics ascribe this or that type of personality to a person. It was Carl Gustav Jung who proposed to divide people into introverts and extroverts based on their ability to draw their energy from the surrounding world. Let’s try to figure out who an introvert is.

An introvert is a special type of personality who is immersed in themselves. They are not very interested in what is happening around them. Such a person will never be the life and soul of the party. They would prefer solitude to the noisy fun. However, this does not in any way mean that they are a bad friend or colleague. Simply because of the psychological type, it is easier for an introvert to be alone. Still, they can always come to the rescue and become a reliable support.


A typical introvert is a calm and even shy person. They are incredulous, and it is difficult for them to interact with the outside world. So, they keep aloof. An introvert has a small number of close people but these ties are always long-term and lasting. They don’t like spontaneity. They plan everything in advance and love order (including the order in their emotions and feelings). An introvert knows well how to control feelings.

introvert personality traits

introvert personality traits

Such type of personality like an introvert loves solitude. They try to avoid crowds and noisy companies. They can even be called closed and unsociable. Any introvert’s actions are performed based on their own judgments, views, and beliefs. At work they rely only on themselves, their resources, and capabilities. An introvert is a very cautious, conscientious, honest, and polite person. Their psychological defense from the outside world is based on these virtuous qualities.

Who Is Introvert?

Often in noisy companies on the general background of fun, there is a person who looks like they are immersed in themselves. It seems that everything that is happening around them is completely uninteresting, and they, to put it mildly, are bored. At the same time, they say that they are fine and just as happy as the rest. Such an example briefly describes the nature of an introvert. In fact, this person is not bored. Their way of having fun is just different. It is much more comfortable for them to dive into themselves and think about something of their own.

Moreover, any public speaking, whether it is an answer at the blackboard at school or a report at work, may cause a real panic for an introvert.

Thus, people of this character often become writers or scientists, programmers or artists.

It is a mistake to equate an introvert with an egoist. These two characteristics are completely different: the first one simply makes decisions in private while listening to the opinions of others, which the egoist never does.

Introvert Personality Traits

Thus, in order to understand who the introvert is, one should take into account the following features of their character:

  • Slowness and foresight. They never hurry to make a decision. They always do it consciously and carefully.
  • Focus on themselves. It is quite difficult for them to side with the surrounding society, to adequately perceive it.
  • Lack of initiative. An introvert almost always listens to the decisions of the environment. They rarely suggest their own ideas.
  • An introvert is a good strategist. They carefully think their plans and actions over.
  • Since a person of this type of character is immersed in themselves, they fully estimate their capabilities which excludes overestimated self-esteem.
  • An introvert is kind but, at the same time, vulnerable and touchy. They rarely start conflicts.
  • Introvert personality traits include indifference. Such a person is very closed in themselves. They are not interested in what is happening around.

introvert personality traits. a man contemplating

introvert personality traits. a man contemplating

  • An introvert is very reserved. Nobody knows about their feelings and worries, even very close people – parents, wife/husband, children.
  • Communication is not spontaneous. It always has a clear definite purpose, even if it is not visible from the outside.
  • You always feel tension with the introvert, even if the person seems open and emotional.
  • An introvert can easily get along without company and society for a long time.
  • Introverts clearly keep the boundaries of their personality.
  • They thoroughly think the actions through.
  • Secondary type of reaction to the event: worry about unpleasant situations for a long time.
  • Also, introvert personality traits include developed imagination.
  • Observation, the propensity to analyze.
  • Patience.
  • Control over emotions.
  • Introvert personality traits are characterized by purposefulness.

All these qualities will open only if you personally communicate with the introvert, not once but for a sufficient time. It is impossible to find an introvert out by any external signs.

15 Signs That You Are an Introvert Even If You Don’t Consider Yourself One

Many people perceive introverts as shy, reserved people who by any means tend to remain within their own world. However, this is not a complete and correct image. A person can externally be rather relaxed and not show any signs of shyness but, at the same time, can be an introvert inside.

introvert personality traits. Business man pointing the text: Are You an Introvert?

introvert personality traits. Business man pointing the text: Are You an Introvert?

 You are not happy about meeting new people

This does not mean that you do not know what friendship is or have problems communicating. Just some people have an underlying desire to constantly expand the circle of their acquaintances. They are able to easily and quickly get on well with new people. You are not.

 You know how to speak well but do not participate in discussions

If a person is an introvert, it does not mean that they are not able to connect two words or cannot speak in public. They may be great in this field. Still, they try to avoid it. For example, after a brilliant speech, report or lecture, you do not like to answer questions or participate in arguments.

 You have extrovert friends

It’s surprising, isn’t it?

However, the opposites are attracted. So, it is natural that you can have over sociable friends. But you keep them at a distance and are “dosing” communication.

 You do not like large crowds of people

Concerts, parties, meetings, crowds in the streets make you feel uncomfortable and vulnerable. There is no panic or fear but each time there is a subconscious desire to quickly leave this restless place.

introvert personality traits. concert crowd

introvert personality traits. concert crowd

 You do not like job interviews (or any interviews in general)

Such events require the ability to quickly establish psychological ties with new people. Introverts are not too fond of this. Therefore, they always prefer written answers and correspondence interviews to personal communication.

 You see the details and notice the little things

 In your opinion, everyone has the right to be the one they want to be while this does not interfere with other people’s life

 You are a loyal friend

Introverts are usually very loyal and honest people. They are, as a rule, self-sufficient personalities who value friendship more than the benefits that it can bring.

 Sometimes you just do not do anything

Extraverts are always busy, always in the process. They are bored to be by themselves and are trying to fill this emptiness with any action. Introverts, vice versa, are able to enjoy being on their own and find pleasure in peace.

 Do you prefer letters to calls?

Your mobile phone does not ring often because all friends and colleagues already understand that it is better to send you text messages or emails. You do not understand how and why you can solve matters on the phone if you have Gmail.

 Your close people are with you for a long time

If you are an introvert, it does not mean that you have no friends at all. There are friends but they are of a very special quality. These are really time-tested people who have not appeared in your life by chance.

 You are polite

The rich inner world and the vulnerability of introverts make them more attentive to the feelings of others. They attach great importance to manners, etiquette, and traditions.

 You try to plan in advance

You have interesting ideas but before you start implementing them, you prefer to plan everything. In writing, of course.

introvert personality traits. time to plan

introvert personality traits. time to plan

 You feel older than your peers

Tranquility, rationalism, consistency, and good manners are on the list of introvert personality traits. These characteristics were inherent in you even at a very young age, and it always distinguished you from most peers. Sometimes you looked at them a little haughtily, marveling at the spontaneity and rashness of their actions.

 You are able to keep balance between communication and loneliness

Although alone you do not feel any discomfort at all, you perfectly understand the need for socialization. Therefore, when you consider it necessary you quite consciously try to go to parties and social events. At the same time, you do not try to pretend to be the soul of the company. Even in a noisy, crowded place you remain who you really are and enjoy it.

Are All Introverts the Same?

In recent years, psychologists have begun to single out certain types of introverts based on the expression of certain qualities and introvert personality traits:

  • Logical-sensory type – such a person has a sharp mind, is perfectly oriented in the surrounding world, and does not build illusions. This is the most pragmatic type of introverts;
  • Ethical-intuitive type – this type has very high moral qualities and foundations. It might be very difficult to correspond with them. Such introverts are very generous and can forgive you for inconsistency with their criteria. The only thing that such a person cannot forgive is betrayal.
  • Intuitive-logical type. The advantage of this type of introvert personality traits is logical thinking, reinforced by a well-developed intuition. This type is most often engaged in scientific research and achieves significant success. Their word is very weighty in certain circles.
  • Sensory-ethical type – this introvert has the highest chances to have a large circle of communication. They take care of themselves and empathize with others, devote much time to their health. Such introverts can become famous artists and writers.

Despite the fact that the types of introverts vary significantly, they all can adapt to the surrounding atmosphere. But for some of them, it is easier, for others it is more difficult.

What Should One Know While Communicating with an Introvert?

When communicating with an introvert, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of their character. Get acquainted with the following rules:

  • Appreciate the relationship with this person because they are not capable of hypocrisy. If they communicate with you, then they treat you sincerely.
  • It’s better not to rush this person with the decision. They need time for thinking.
  • Do not demand a sharp change in activity.
  • Do not get irritated by long pauses in the conversation.
  • Be sure to read the book “The Introvert Advantage: How Quiet People Can Thrive in an Extrovert World” by Marti Olsen Laney. Especially, if you are planning a long-term communication with a similar person.

People with such a temperament are loyal friends and good spouses. The main thing is to find an approach to them.

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